Hira Panna Presents Authentic Gujarati Food Festival @399 ! Not To Be Missed

Hira Panna is the new kid on the block and Secunderabad crowd can finally cheer about getting a new place! Although it’s a relatively new place, it comes with a lot of legacy.

Heera Panna Caterers
The Full Meal

Hira Panna Caterers

Hira Panna Caterers have a lot of happy customers in Hyderabad since their inception. Pure vegetarian food being their forte, a lot of Gujarati and Marwadi crowd knows Hira Panna Caterers.

Heera Panna Caterers

So they have this spacious swanky place on SP Road, near Talwar Hyundai. The restaurant has been done really well with traditional hints across the space. I got a chance to be there for their ongoing Gujarati Food Festival. Pure Vegetarian food works wonders once in a while.

Heera Panna Caterers
The Setting

Gujarati Food Festival @ Hira Panna

The family running Hira Panna is Gujarati so you know the food is authentic. Also, the owner’s mom was kind enough to be around and kept briefing us about the food. When you serve with so much love, the food does go a notch higher!

Heera Panna Caterers
Pani Puri

Kicking off things was the Thandai, rich and flavourful. We also had some DIY Pani-Puri, but then I still love the usual rustic, street-side version.

Starters at Hira Panna Hyderabad

Heera Panna Caterers

Ghugra is like a savoury take on the Gujiya. Here it was stuffed with Matar filling, given the shape and then fried. I love matar in everything and this would have been a perfect chai snack.

Heera Panna Caterers
Kothimbir Vadi

Kothimbir Vadi is a munching snack that you cant stop having. These are basically coriander fritters. Dhaniya mixed with besan is first steamed and then fried for a crispy outside. Some tomato ketchup with this would be the real deal like gujju homes.

Heera Panna Caterers
Pathrode or Alu Vadi

Using leaves and steaming fish is the usual practice, but for the pure vegetarian affair we have Pathrode or Alu Vadi. Arbi leaves smeared with besan and spices mix is steamed and topped with coconut and onions.

Heera Panna Caterers
Puran Poli
Aamras Poori at Hira Panna Restaurant

Gujarati’s love mixing savoury and sweet together and Hira Panna carries forward that tradition. Next up came the Puran Poli. This was the Gujarati version, little dry and sweet. The Marathi version is my all-time favourite which is moist and loaded with desi ghee.

Heera Panna Caterers

If I had to pick one show-stopper, it would be the gorgeous Aamras. It’s like you put that on a table and then the other dishes just play catch-up. Coupled with hot and fluffy Poori, these are what dreams are made of.

Heera Panna Caterers
Creamy Broccoli

We decided to try out some all-time hits from Hira Panna Caterers, which are on their Ala-carte menu. Like the Creamy Broccoli, which was like breaking away from the whole Gujarati feel. But this one was grilled really well and super malai types.

Heera Panna Caterers
Spinach-Cheese Pockets

First of all, their Spinach-Cheese Pockets are a must-have the moment you hear Hira Panna anywhere. Crispy bread coating on the outside and melting cheese inside, it totally lives up to the hype.

Main Course at Gujarati Food Festival, Hira Panna Caterers

Gujarati main course is something you look forward to. They have so many options and yet each dish has a character of its own.

Heera Panna Caterers

No Gujarati menu is complete without Undhiyu. This legendary dish from Surat has now become a symbol of Gujarati food. It is cooked traditionally in an earthen pot put underground and then fired from top. Furthermore vegetables used traditionally are all from the winter season.

Heera Panna Caterers

Rest of the main course covers Kadhi, which was light and spiced well. The Gujarati Dal is not for everyone and takes a while to get used to the idea of a sweet dal. The Kala Chana is homely and made in true Gujarati style.

Heera Panna Caterers
Masala Kacchi Kairi
Hira Panna, The Sweets

There is a full counter for accompaniments, that is what is the main essence of a Gujarati spread. And Masala Kacchi Kairi reminded me of the time spent in Gujju homes.

Heera Panna Caterers

Sweets make Gujarati food what it is. So you have hot Gulaab Jamun, Kheer, Doodh Gulla and Ice-cream. But my favourite is the Shrikhand. I crave that so much in Hyderabad, so finding that on a menu was heartening.

Heera Panna Caterers

You can do as many food places and as many reviews as you like but nothing can satisfy your soul like our Indian food. A lot of attention is given to the menu and all items come with homely-ness. Hira Panna Caterers have done a brilliant job in putting up with place in an area which lacks good food options. With Hira Panna restaurant, their patrons now have an option of eating whenever they want.

Heera Panna Caterers
Check this out

The festival is on all of this week, so if you crave good Gujarati food, this is your chance. And that a pricing of 399+ it’s a steal.

What – Gujarati Food Festival

Where – Hira Panna Restaurant, SP Road

When – 24th March to 2nd April

Price – 399 + Taxes