Very few places in Hyderabad offer food from multiple regions and United Kitchens of India (UKI) tops that list. The biggest reason about restaurants shying away from it is the operational consistency. You must get all regional food right, or else it’s going to take one person from that region calling off the bluff on authenticity. United Kitchens of India has managed to do this year after year!

Bengali Food Festival @United Kitchens of India

If that wasn’t enough, they continue to take their game higher with some amazing cocktails and some very appetizing Food Festivals. The newest one is to experience Bengali Food in Hyderabad and celebrate ‘Nobo Borsho’ or ‘Pohela Boishakh’. United Kitchens of India is already known for their Bengali Food in Hyderabad, but this one is an extension of that menu. Curated by fellow Bloggers who know their Bengali Food – Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri, Pallab De and Swati Sucharita.

A vast menu, loaded with Bengali delicacies in an all you can eat set-up just lights up the festival spirit!

United Kitchens of India

The Menu

United Kitchens of India Menu

The starters are loaded and can easily fill you up, so take it nice and slow. The Fish Orly was amazing and oily at all.

United Kitchens of India
Fish Orly

The Dimer Chop can be filling on its own, so watch out for this one. And the Moglai Parota  is deep fried and loaded with meat.

United Kitchens of India
Dimer Chop

Veg Chop with a nice crisp outside and moist stuffing is a perfect Bengali snack

United Kitchens of India
Veg Chop

The chef’s sister came in from Kolkatta at the right time and got in some authentic spices from there. The Randhuni Murgi could happen because of that. The Koraishutir Chenna Chop added another snack on the starter list.

United Kitchens of India
Koraishutir Chenna Chop

Main Course @Bengali Food Festival, United Kitchens of India

The main course is accompanied by Mishti Pulao, Rice, Luchi, Pineapple Chutney and Papad.

United Kitchens of India

Being Bengali, Aaloo ruled the curries and it gets really confusing for a non-Bengali. Most curries go well with rice and if you are a Luchi person then go for it. The curries were top-notch and all Bengalis at the table loved it.

United Kitchens of India
Main Course

The Kosha Mangsho and Murgir Jhol from United Kitchens of India have always been a favorite and continued here too.

United Kitchens of India
Kosha Mangsho

Nothing says Bengali more clearly than Sorshe Maachh and the strong flavour of mustard is not for the faint hearted.

United Kitchens of India
Sorshe Maachh

The quality of prawns used for Chingri Korma made this dish a huge hit.

United Kitchens of India
Chingri Korma

Aloor Dum, Bhaja Muger Dal and Phool Kopir Kaliya completed the main course.

United Kitchens of India
Aloor Dum
United Kitchens of India
Bhaja Muger Dal

Bengali Food in Hyderabad

United Kitchens of India has gone ahead with a completely new set of desserts. Usually all Bengali fests are ended with Sandesh, Rasogulla, etc., but here we have some new ones.

The Sitabhog is a mystery, wherein you cannot tell what it is for sure. Make sure you check on this one with your Bengali friends.

United Kitchens of India

Kheer is just so passe so here we have Chaler Payesh. Very different from the normal payasam but have a typical Bengali flavour

United Kitchens of India
Chaler Payesh

Some sort of ‘golla’ has to be there and in comes the Kachagolla. United Kitchens of India has brought in the dry version of the ever famous Rasogolla.

United Kitchens of India

The whole food festival menu at United Kitchens of India is like a long journey through Bengal and you just want it to end. Having Bengalis at the table really helped, because you then get to learn about the food first hand. All the dishes have a story and Bengalis really know how it is supposed to taste.

United Kitchens of India

Shokol k janai Shubho Naba Barsher Preeti o Shubhechchha. (Got this line from Sriyanka)

What – Bengali Food Festival

Where – United Kitchens of India, Rd no 45, Jubilee Hills

When – From 15th – 21st April

Price – 799 AI is totally worth it!