Innovative Haleem Recipe – The Spoofy Tales

Disclaimer : All names and places in this post are fictional. Any resemblance to real places, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, is purely coincidental just for the Haleem Recipe

So come Ramzan and you have a Haleem signboard at every 500mts. The biggies like Pista House, Shah Ghouse, Green Park, Shahdab, etc. make the most of this and are in prime demand for their Haleem Recipe! So for these 30 day, Haleem becomes a big part of all Hyderabadis, and people go far and wide to have the best Haleem. So while the ones selling Haleem make hay while the Ramzan sun shines, the others are left wondering what to do.

Every year new place jumps on the “We serve Haleem” wagon and end up pulling crowd. With so many versions of the Haleem Recipe out there, no one’s really sure about what Haleem is anymore! So whatever you can serve up matching the idea of Haleem, it sells! So we have had sizzler places, steak houses, pubs and 5-star joints put up their hats in the show and yet carve out a name somehow.

So this year, some of the other Hyderabadi biggies decided to dole out their versions of Haleem recipe and continue to pull people towards them! Got a chance to taste some of the new ones

The Spoof on Haleem Recipe


      1. Magharaja Chat – Special Ragda Haleem

        Haleem sautéed in butter and then mashed with a dash of fried onion pieces. Special mint and lime squeezed into the mix and topped off with cashews. You can also get butter pav along with it. They also sell sherva pani puri stuffed with spare parts.

      2. Kreeeemstone – Willy Haleem-Onka

        The server takes 2 scoops of Haleem and throws it on to the hot Patthar. Then toppings are added – fried onions, mint leaves, ghee. And he begins to pound it all with his spatulas. Bringing all of it together and still keeping the consistency. Then with some skills he passes it all onto a waffle and adds some mayo on top.

      3. Karajhi Bakery – Haleem Biscuit in Multiple Flavours

        The Haleem is cooked patiently for long hours, mixed with some dough and given a cookie shape. Cashew, mint, fried onion, badaam, fruit are some of the options available. Also there’s a special desi ghee version too. Will soon be available next to all Pizta House stalls across the city.

      4. Ramu ki Bundi – Spl Haleem Dosa

        A special one that opens at around 4 am from a hand cart. The crisp dosa is lathered with a generous amount of Haleem. Cooked together for a bit and then sprinkled with Karam Podi to add that zing. This version would soon be available at Lacchman, Sita, Hanuman Bundi as well.

      5. Consue – Haleem with Cream Cheese

        The Haleem here is freshly baked and not cooked in pots. Served in a layered form with alternate layers of Haleem and Cheese. The combination is surprisingly nice on the palate and goes really well. You can also try their Haleem Eclairs.

      6. Kat-katiya Mess – Andhra Haleem

        High on spice and the fiery red layer of ghee on top of the Haleem is enough to scare the weak. Only the mighty can dare to dig into this one. Served with rice, rasam, pappu and some fried chicken, it makes for an amazing meal. The spice levels can be increased as per request.

      7. Nanqueen – Sezwan Haleem

        The first thing you see is that the portion is really huge. Spicy levels are just about right. Topped with bamboo shoots and spring onion, this Haleem is rich in garlic and red chilies. You have an option of ordering some Sezwan Noodles on the side which goes really well with this.

      8. Lickshake Factory – Insane Haleem

        The big daddy of all Haleems. It’s served in a casserole with portion size twice that of a Jumbo Haleem at most places. The fried onions, mint and ghee overflows from the casserole and makes for a very inviting picture.

      9. Chutknees – Ghee Karam Haleem

        Pure veg Haleem to begin with served in a small bowl. A little less quantity but the toppings make up for it. Once the Haleem arrives, a waiter will place a tray of toppings on your table. There is mayo, sherva, cashews, lemon juice, mint, fried onion, nalli and boiled egg. Add them according to your preference and make it your own.

      10. Shalinaar Burger – Sunny Leone Haleem Burger

        This is like making Haleem fast food types. He has the wheat mix, meat, stock and toppings ready and then begins the show on the tawa. All of it is tossed on the tawa and stirred around for a while. Then comes the hero of the day, the cheese. Once it comes to a gooey consistency, the mix is smothered inside and outside a bun and served piping hot. A lot of people were seen clicking this one.

Rumor has it that many other places are going to launch their style of Haleem soon. Ramzaan is far from over and I’m sure we will have many more to offer. Some of the other places I’m looking forward to are – Heartkup café, Big Italy, Tim Tie and Sodabottlekholnewala.