Sacred Games Season 2 Review

Given how much I loved Season 1, I knew I would binge watch Season 2 as soon as it came out. I read the online articles and they all said it would be LIVE on Netflix at 12:30PM IST. So my holiday plan seemed set!

Then around 12am, I was browsing Netflix and saw ‘Play’ on Sacred Games Season. I hit play thinking it’s a preview. But turns out the show was LIVE!Sacred Games Season 2 Review – How it all startedStarted watch right away and ended up doing a 7 hour marathon from 12am-7am to finish Season 2 and was it worthy enough? Let’s see…

Sacred Games Season 2 – The Writing

The whole story line is like a bhelpuri of events right from partition to emergency to babri to 9/11 to 26/11 to 3-yr old being raped. They missed Pulwama and Article 370, or else it would have been a chronology of all the world events! That makes you feel they dint have enough in the storyline for Season 2.

The story is predictable but we were looking forward to the journey and maze leading to that end. VarunGrover’s writing team changed this time, so the story skills have taken a hit. And Motwane left directing Sartaj so that character feels lost too. With so much time between the 2 seasons, one would think they get all this right.

Sacred Games Season 2 – The Characters

Loads of Gaitonde, Sartaj, Guruji and Bigplan but it never comes together. It feels like they have 20 different plots running in the 8 episodes. Problem is that you know this is not leading anywhere.

With some of the star characters lost in season 1, this season battles hard to fill that void, but fails. There is no Katekar and even the super strong Parulekar is wastes in the season. Even Bunty and Trivedi dont shine and Guruji is like that hyped show-stopper that never walks the ramp.

They try really hard to build a connection with the characters like Jojo, Wajid, Shahid but it doesn’t stick. The lady playing YadavMadam has to be one of the biggest wrong-cast for the show. That could have been the star character from this season, but disappoints!

Gaitonde steals the show once again with his act, flow and angst. Other are left playing 2nd fiddle to him. But even he’s not as good as season 1. There are no hitting one liners, the abuses seem forced, his team is missing and he’s not ‘bhagwaan’ anymore.The climax is whole another chapter on ‘what-could-should-if-but’ and those discussions will linger on and on…

Sacred Games Season 2 Review – Final Verdict

So to answer the question about was it worth the 7 hour marathon, probably NOT! That’s a curse you carry after a stupendous season 1 with all the expectations and anticipation. But Season 2 lags far far behind and there are already talks of 2 more seasons!Right after ending the season, I went looking for sacred games season 2 discussion or sacred games season 2 reddit, but couldn’t find much to read. So let’s wait for what others think. My review might be affected by the fact that I have been awake for 22 hours now.You can watch Sacred Games Season 2 online in India and across the World on Netflix.